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The End of the Night Stick Screening

The (In)Justice for All Film Festival is back and we’ll be screening our film, The End of the Night Stick this coming Sunday – April 12 at Gallery 400. Following the screening, we’ll be discussing the legacy and history of Chicago police torture. We’ll also be briefed on the finance Read more…

Anti Chiraq- The Documentary

“Chiraq” is a term that many use to describe Chicago and its gun violence problem, but many native Chicagoans find the term problematic. Find out why in this short documentary. Be sure to follow and like us!

Students Take on Police-Community Relations in a Video Project

Rondell Freeman in the role of a Chicago Police officer. Over 90 percent of the project was filmed using green screen.

Prologue Early College students spent the months of October and November brainstorming, writing, storyboarding and filming an instructional video on what to do when interacting with Chicago police officers, tentatively titled “Know Your Rights, But…”. The video came about as part of collaboration between the Video Production class taught by CTVN’s Vedran Residbegovic and Art of Communication class taught by Prologue teacher Dr. Virginia Boyle.


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