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What Are Video Services?

CTVN Video Services produce impactful, high quality and affordable videos for our clients in the non-profit, event and business arenas. Experience, craftsmanship and messaging goes into every video we produce whether it’s taping your event or meeting or producing your business video or documentary.  We have recently added recording drone footage and  live streaming events and conferences to our repertoire of services offered.

In operation for over 33 years, CTVN’s Video Services has completed over 830 jobs for a broad range of clients—from non-profits to schools and even small businesses. We provide high quality videos with  reasonable pricing with the added value of providing job training and future opportunities for our students.

From half-day tapings to fully edited half-hour productions, we will work with you to determine your needs and budget that works for your organization. 

We have award winning producers and technicians with years of experience to help communicate your story. We are available 7 days a week for your high-definition and 4K video production needs.

Video Production Prices

A Social Enterprise

Not only does CTVN teach kids from underserved communities digital media and TV production, we also provide on-the-job paid training for them through our professional video production arm. Clients get amazing content managed by industry professionals, and students get life-changing hands-on experience.


An entry into video

  • Production 4-hours onsite
  • Pro Advisor & 1 student


An edited video

  • Production 4-hours onsite + editing
  • Pro Advisor & 1 student


Script + Shoot + Edit

  • Scripting Custom script writing
  • Production 4-hours onsite
  • Pro Advisor & 1 student

Not only is CTVN Video Services professional and experienced, but we are a social enterprise that benefits underprivileged youth! If you are seeking affordable professional videographers and editors with a commitment to the community, look no further. On each job, one or two of the advanced youth from our media education programs for low-income youth accompany the supervising professional. This provides the youth with invaluable on-the-job training and mentoring, and the professional with high-quality assistance that doesn’t double our bottom line.

Does your organization have a moving story that needs to get captured and shared?  Feel good when you book a job with CTVN video services—your story will be told while students learn.

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Live Streaming Production Prices

A Social Connection

Livestreaming is a great way to come together with your clients, vendors and audience members when getting together in person is impossible.


Basic but live!

  • Production 60-minute live program
  • 3 Sources 2 cameras + titles
  • Streaming Stream through Social Media
  • Pro Advisor & 1 student


Your Virtual Show

  • Production 60-minute live program
  • 5 Sources 4 cameras + titles
  • Streaming Stream through Social Media
  • Recording Save your event
  • Producer Virtual producer
  • Pro Advisor & 1 student


Live & Engaging

  • Production 60-minute live program
  • 5 Sources 4 cameras + titles
  • Streaming Stream through Social Media
  • Recording Save your event
  • Tech Check Hardware + software
  • Producer Virtual producer
  • Pro Advisor & 1 student

Custom Add-Ons

Enhance Any Package

  • Script Writing From writing speeches to an entire show to pre-recorded video packages
  • Pre-Recorded Packages from interviewing subjects on camera (additional video shoot days) to scripting and editing, your project will include pre-recorded videos needed to tell your exclusive story
  • Music pre-recorded tracks or music created by composers
  • Graphics After Effects (animated graphics), backgrounds or graphic templates

Do you have a live event that you want to present virtually? Need to access your audience in a new way? Whether it’s a music performance, a fundraiser a special event or a conference, let us help you fulfill your vision. Our team of producers and technicians can help you organize your event, embed it on your website, provide tech support and create a show that turns out flawlessly. 

When you book a livestreaming job with us, you’ll receive excellent quality, reasonable pricing and on-the-job training for our students. Feel good booking a job with CTVN a social enterprise non-profit. 

If you have a project that needs drone footage or a drone project that needs additional footage, let CTVN Video Services help you! We work with a terrific drone operator who is licensed with the FAA for the following:

FAA airspace clearance documentation for 1 location 
FAA Certified Remote Pilot & Observer (Air Safety Crew)

  • Drone: Autel EVO II 8K
  • Camera:
    • Sony IMX586 sensor
    • Max Photo 8000*6000
    • Max Video 7680*4320 FPS 24/25/30/60/120
    • Codec H.8264/H.8265
    • f1.8 ~ video/photo iso 100-3200

Enhance your video and make a statement today!

*Conditional To Authorizations, Clearances & Weather Conditions

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