Community TV Network empowers low-income youth in Chicago by engaging them in the creative and collaborative process of modern video production. CTVN promotes youth voices and positive community development. To us, this means raising awareness of meaningful education and economic viability within Chicago’s urban communities. Our programs give youth the awareness, motivation, and tools they need to tell their stories, as well as create positive change in their neighborhoods.

Core Values

  • Promotes positive self-images among underrepresented youth by providing a platform for self-representation and means for dissemination to large audiences, encouraging them to overcome the realities of poverty, inequality, and injustice.
  • Stimulates youth development, cultivates critical thinking, interpersonal and leadership skills, strengthens literacy, and fosters the development of strong work habits and real world skills.
  • Empowers youth to articulate their own truths, to seek and develop independent perspectives, and to involve their communities in solving the issues that matter to them most.
  • Engages underserved youth in quality, sequential technology and arts training, teaches them to apply this training to explore positive values and attitudes through creative expression.


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