Leadership Track

Our Leadership Track programs provides opportunities for students who have shown commitment and passion in the video arts to develop their skills, work on more advanced projects, and invest in their future as mediamakers.

75 youth participate in the CTVN Digital Media Leadership Track each year, completing after school apprenticeships at the CTVN Youth Media Center and at Prologue.  This after school program offers the following opportunities for youth leadership and advancement in the arts:

  • Apprentice: Learn basic camera operations, including support and maintenance, and media literacy. Learn the conventional three-phase production cycle (pre-production, production, and post-production).
  • Advanced Apprentice: master camera operations, support and maintenance, and learn sound recording and digital editing.
  • Intern: Works on production team for all 24 episodes of the Hard Cover TV show. Manages strategy and maitenance for the social media channels
  • Executive Producer: Works on independent video productions and mentor other youth as they move up through the program.
  • On-the-job trainees: work with professional filmmakers on video shoots for CTVN’s social enterprise, Video Services. Shoot and high-quality projects for a wide range of clients.


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