Leadership Track

At CTVN’s Media Arts Center, our most advanced youth staff are employed as executive producers in small, intensive programs. Hard Cover Interns manage and produce the 25 year-running cablecast and our online distribution platforms, while other small production units work in long production cycles on projects of immediate importance to their peers.  In addition to their independent work, all interns serve as peer leaders to onsite apprentices and video students at earlier stages in the Hard Cover program.

Afterschool Apprenticeships

In partnership with After School Matters, CTVN employs  advanced  Hard Cover Apprentices in afterschool programs in media literacy digital video production.  These young videos professionals study all aspects of media art and produce high quality content for distribution through Hard Cover. To learn more about CTVN Video Production Classes, contact us!

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Alternative School Video Classes

In partnership with Alternative Schools Network, CTVN’s instructors lead classes in the media arts as part of the innovative curricula of 11 alternative schools, where reengaged “drop-outs” and transfer students from Chicago’s Public School system persevere in attaining a secondary education.  These youth producers’ original work is broadcast on Hard Cover regularly.

Special Projects

At Winnie Mandela, a small group of teachers, administrators and students is launching a pilot program to start a free lunch program. CTVN is partnering with the school and its students to use video as an activist tool to spread awareness about their efforts, in an attempt to recruit help and funds until their goals are met.


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