On humility, lifelong learning, and “the extra push”

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Invincible. Know it all. Experienced. All adjectives and phrases that you believe about yourself once you come out of college and into the real world. You think you’ve done it all, think you’ve seen it all, think you’ve learned it all. But the truth is, you really haven’t. Being an intern at CTVN helps me to see everyday how I am still someone that is learning. And in fact, there are A LOT of things that I still do not know, and there are a lot of things I still have left to learn.

When you work with teenagers, you see it all; from the innocence of their youth, to the corruption that societies have placed in them. You see in their eyes a glimmer of childhood, a brief moment which their understanding of the world around them hasn’t been tainted. Jaded. Destroyed. And in an instant, you see their whole world turned upside down by a comment, an insult, a dirty look.

My experience so far is one that is rewarding, liberating, and heart wrenching all at the same time. It is a great internship where you learn the ins and outs of a non for profit. You get to meet and become allies with all the hard working individuals driving the success of these organizations and at the same time, you get to meet the teens that benefit from these organizations. The organization gives them a voice. An obligation. A duty. It gives them the encouragement and opportunity to make a difference in their communities and bring awareness of the social injustices that the world places on them. And while viewed as an educational extracurricular activity, it is also a safe place for these teens to come to after school where they can explore themselves. A place where it is okay to want to have dreams and want to aspire to become someone who will eventually make a difference in the future; who will create a brighter future where these injustices do not exist; a future where their children’s worlds won’t be turned upside down by a comment, an insult, or a dirty look.

Being an intern at CTVN has been the best experience thus far. In my eyes, this has been a great exposure for my future career as a clinical psychologist. It has really taught me how to function within an organization as a team player and has also taught me how to be an effective listener, friend, and colleague to these teens. Although they appear to be strong and tough, there is still a little part inside of these teens that seek guidance and approval from us; that view us as positive role models. This gives me the hope that we still have a chance to overcome these injustices together and allow these teens to see that the future is bright and that opportunities and resources are available. Sometimes, they just need some extra help and a little push into the right direction.



– Lauren Necesario, Adler School of Psychology Intern

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Sarah · April 30, 2013 at 10:10 PM

I definitely agree with you, Lauren. I see this same thing when I am in the schools teaching. I am so glad non for profits are there to help this society’s youth get back on track and move ahead with their dreams.

Denine · September 5, 2015 at 9:31 AM

Larry, thank you for your comment. The misoisn and vision of Progress for Pawling is in complete agreement with you concerning not re-inventing the wheel. P4P rejoices, celebrates, and supports the Town Teen Center and its programs. I, personally, have been very pleased with recent developments and programs at the Teen Center and I hope to become more informed so that P4P can more fully support the Teen Center and communicate its services and programs as one of the key spokes of Pawling’s wheel of services.The Teen Center that has been discussed by P4P has, first of all, been on the coalition’s wish list since its inception, but second, was aimed at youth who cannot or will not go to Lakeside Park and / or fall outside the scope of programs provided by the Town Teen Center. There are youth in our community who are actively engaged in risky behaviors as well as many others who are experimenting or who associate with those who are. P4P desires to see our community provide services to this group of youth as well as those who will participate in more traditional sorts of extra-curricular activities such as are well provided by the Town Recreation Department and Teen Center. P4P desires precisely NOT to re-invent the wheel or to duplicate services and programs already active in our community. This is where Communication, Coordination, and Cooperation are of key importance. P4P would like to see some sort of drop-in service, perhaps closer to the center of the Village, that would be a safe place to hang out and where youth counselors might be available to provide help, in the form of talking, to youth who desire it.The short of it, Larry, is that P4P does support the Town Teen Center and does not seek to duplicate its programs or services. Perhaps in August or September 2011 the P4P Steering Committee could meet with you and the Teen Advisory Board and discuss the youth community of Pawling in total and see just what it is that our community offers and what it does not that perhaps it could.Thank you for your comment. And, thank you for your selfless service to the youth of Pawling and to our community as a whole.+ Jon M. Ellingworth

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