40 Años: A La Esperanza!

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Community TV Network and The National Museum of Mexican Art invite you to…

40 años: A la esperanza!
Including our video “La Esperanza”



The National Museum of Mexican Art (Xicágo Gallery)

1852 W 19th St.   Chicago, IL


August 16th, 2019 to March 15, 2020 (10am-5pm Mon-Fri)


None! The exhibit and the entire museum are free every day of the week!


Back in 1979, artist Jimmy Longoria was selected to create a mural for Benito Juarez High School. He and Malú Ortega designed the mural, with assistance from Salvador Vega, Marcos Raya, and Oscar Moya. They gave the design life and named it A la esperanza (“To the Hope”). Today, their mural stands out in Pilsen because of its beautiful design and its personal message for the latinx community.  With this in mind, the National Museum of Mexican Art is hosting this exhibit dedicated to the historic mural, 40 years after its creation.

The exhibit will feature the CTVN video, La Esperanza, which is about the creation of the mural. The video, produced by students at Latino Youth Alternative High School, attests to the power of youth media to document community history for future generations and to experience the heart and soul of their neighborhood, its people, and issues of that time. 

La Esperanza was the first CTVN video shot in color! This was monumental for us and could not have been accomplished without the help of videographer, Mirko Popadic, who showed us how to shoot in color, and Laura Litten, our video editing instructor.

This exhibit is a historic time capsule for Pilsen, as well as CTVN’s staff and alumni. We are extremely excited to share our memories with you and reflect on what A la esperanza has meant to all of us!

You can find the museum’s description of the event HERE!

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