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Prologue, an alternative high school the West Side of Chicago, educates their students from a social justice standpoint. We had the privilege to sit down with Vedran’s film class to learn about who they are, their role models, and their hopes for the future.
The students first talked with us about their experiences in the film class. Previously a few of the students had developed videos around job interviews, something which directly pertains to their current lives. They were excited to share with us their ideas about upcoming film projects. Some of their ideas for future short fictional films were based on family dynamics and stardom. As we began to get more in depth about these topics, the students started to discuss their own potential future plans. Even though all four of the students we talked to had different plans, massage therapy, music, architecture; they all expressed their excitement about attending college.

Another interesting discussion was developed on the idea of role models. The students talked about not only film role models but also those that are present in their everyday lives. Students shared how they were drawn towards Tyler Perry’s work. He makes films that are easily relatable which generate a lot of meaning for these students. Another film icon was Spike Lee. Lastly, one of the four students, Shannon, talked with us about a program called YAP. This is a mentors program which has provided him with an individual he can spend time with. Shannon talked about how he was able to call this individual to hang out, play sports, or even just go out to eat.

Thank you to these students for being so open in sharing their lives with us. We look forward to hearing more about their future endeavors!

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