CTVN Produces a Series of Videos for Chicago Non-Profits

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For the second year in a row, Community TV Network produced a series of video documentaries about the violence-fighting work of Chicago non-profit organizations, supported by the Fund For Safe and Peaceful Communities by the Chicago Community Trust. This year, we worked with local non-profits Nobel Neighbors, Port Ministries, Homan Grown, Kalapriya Foundation, and Local Motions.

Cherakee Bailey filming

Cherakee Bailey filming the opening of Children’s Garden of Hope. Client: Nobel Neighbors. Fund For Safe and Peaceful Communities, 2018.

Cherakee Bailey, youth producer who filmed and edited several of the videos, emphasized the importance of showcasing organizations that actively fight violence in the city:

“Working on these projects was a real eye-opener for me. You hear about all the violence going on in Chicago, but people don’t usually talk about who’s trying to stop it. Seeing all these organizations working with the youth to make Chicago a better place, is truly inspiring. I’d definitely work on more projects. I’d do anything to continue to spread the inspiration and the peace to the rest of Chicago.”

— Cherakee Bailey, CTVN youth producer / editor

Hayley Hawkins filming

Hayley Hawkins filming the opening of the Children’s Garden of Hope. Client: Nobel Neighbors. Fund For Safe and Peaceful Communities, 2018

“The Safe and Peaceful projects were a really great opportunity for me to get hands on experience in filmmaking I couldn’t get anywhere else. It was a project that I would love to be a part of again because of all the great people I got to meet while taking part in creating the videos. Being able to take part in filming and editing the different pieces gave me professional experience in what I really love doing, filmmaking. I’m a student that hopes to one day become a filmmaker, so being able to get experience in my field at my age is an amazing learning experience.”

— Hayley Hawkins, CTVN youth producer / editor

“Fund For Safe and Peaceful Communities encourages collaboration and idea sharing across Chicago’s non-profit sector, which otherwise rarely happens. We had an opportunity to meet a number of local non-profits and connect with them in a meaningful way, by collaborating on video projects. Some of these organizations do amazing work promoting peace in the city, but we rarely cross paths — Fund For Safe and Peaceful Communities by the Chicago Community Trust changes that. I have a feeling it will open the door for future collaboration among Chicago non-profits.”

— Vedran Residbegovic, CTVN producer / director

Our clients gave us excellent feedback on the videos we produced:

“CTVN students were punctual, courteous and respectful while at the event. They interacted with all those involved very attentively. The leadership Vedran provided in managing his team was outstanding as was the product he delivered to us.”

— Dr. Mridu Sekhar, President of the Board, Kalapriya Foundation – Center for Indian Performing Arts

Completed videos are available here:

Nobel Neighbors: Children’s Garden of Hope

Port Ministries

Kalapriya Foundation: End Violence: Ahimsa

Homan Grown: MLK Garden

Local Motions

Production crew:

Vedran Residbegovic, Producer / Director
Michael Christensen, Videographer
Hayley Hawkins, Videographer / Editor
Cherakee Bailey, Videographer / Editor
Aaron Bradshaw, Videographer

Community TV Network would like to thank: Chicago Community Trust, Fund For Safe and Peaceful Communities, Meghan Haynes, Rudd Resources, Kalapriya Foundation, Port Ministries, and others who have made this project possible.

CTVN crew with alderman Emma Mitts

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