Youth Documentary Wins Award for Commentary on Sexism

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How to Be a Man wins Best Documentary award

We’re excited that CTVN’s documentary “How To Be a Man” won the Best Documentary Short award at Our Voices Film Festival in Vancouver, Canada! Congrats to the whole team involved in making #HowToBeaMan: Elsa Cristina Concepcion Jocelyn Hernandez #MarvinaJohnson #SeionBrown #ViHaden.  Special thanks to CTVN instructor Bill Sacco and film festival coordinator Jonathan Mueller. Thank you Our Voices Film Festival in Vancouver, Canada for this great honor!
If you haven’t had a chance to see it yet, you can watch it below.
“I came up with the idea for the film because I come from a Hispanic culture, where hyper-masculinity is almost the standard. You can’t cry or show emotion without being judged. This win is very important to me personally because I’m an aspiring filmmaker and director, so to see my work get validation at such an early point in my career just adds on to the motivation and drive I have to work in the film industry.”
— Elsa Concepcion, Director
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