CTVN Youth Make Videos to Combat Violence

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CTVN producers Jesus Rosillo and Hayley Hawkins

This summer, CTVN junior producers completed a series of videos for local non-profit clients, supported by Chicago Fund for Safe and Peaceful Communities #safeandpeacefulchi. The project was part of a city-wide initiative by The Chicago Community Trust to combat summer spikes in violence in at-risk neighborhoods by enabling constructive, community-building activities.

CTVN producers Jesus Rosillo and Hayley Hawkins

CTVN producers Jesus Rosillo and Hayley Hawkins filming for Chicago Run at Montrose Harbor

“Chicago Fund for Safe and Peaceful Communities gave an incredible opportunity to our junior producers to make professional videos promoting the peace-building efforts of Chicago community organizations.” said Vedran Residbegovic, who managed the project for Community TV Network. “It was great to see the enthusiasm of our youth producers as they took charge, filmed, edited and delivered the videos.”

Michael Key, CTVN junior producer agrees: “This summer’s videos have had a powerful community force behind them. Great efforts from those who organized, those who filmed, and those who packaged it for publishing. I’m glad I was a part of it all.”

Video: Terrell Bosley Basketball Tournament

While working on the videos, CTVN producers learned about the work of amazing local organizations, such as: Youth Outreach Services, Chicago Run, Pedro Albizu Campos High School / ChiArts, Terrell Bosley Basketball Tournament, and Dancemakers are Peacemakers.

Video: Dancemakers are Peacemakers at Irma Ruiz Elemetary

Congrats to CTVN team on an amazing video series:
Aaron Bradshaw, Junior Producer
Elsa Concepcion, Junor Producer / Editor
Hayley Hawkins, Junior Producer / Editor
Michael Key, Junior Producer / Editor
Jesus Rosillo, Junior Producer / Editor
Michael Rowell, Junior Producer
Bradley West, Junior Producer / Editor
Muamer Celik, Producer / Adviser
Vedran Residbegovic, Project Manager / Producer

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