Is This the Promised Land? (1992)

In the 1960’s, The Freedom Movement took Chicago by storm and started a campaign for civil rights to also be noticed in the north. Dr. Martin Luther King and his family resided in Lawndale while he pushed for better housing in Chicago for African-Americans. In the decades since, Community TV Read more…

40 Años: A La Esperanza!

Community TV Network and The National Museum of Mexican Art invite you to… 40 años: A la esperanza!Including our video “La Esperanza” Where? Where? The National Museum of Mexican Art (Xicágo Gallery) 1852 W 19th St.   Chicago, IL When? August 16th, 2019 to March 15, 2020 (10am-5pm Mon-Fri) Cost? Read more…

Students Examine Modern-Day Slavery

By Asiah White, CTVN Community TV Network has been addressing issues of oppression for more than 40 years. In honor of the Black History Month, check out the “What is Freedom” public service announcement from October, 2012 produced in CTVN’s video program at Prologue Early College. Slavery was abolished in Read more…

Give The Power of Media

Power of Media

In honor of our 40th year providing empowerment, growth, agency and support to Chicago’s most disenfranchised youth through media, please consider giving a tax-deductible donation (suggested amount: $40) to Community TV Network.


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Pedro Albizu Campos Greenhouse

At Pedro Abizu Campos High School,  students grow their own food and make their own compost in a Greenhouse. Watch this short documentary to learn more about this unique, hands on classroom at Pedro Albizu Campos Academy in Humboldt Park and how to make your own compost tea! Be sure Read more…