The Reveal: The Live Taping of the “Down and Dirty Show with Frank Fontana”

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Our new studio!

It’s finished!! Our new studio is all ready for the summer session of the ASM Video Production Program, which starts June 18th!.

Our friends at the “Down and DirtyShow with Frank Fontana” provided us with a new state-of-the-art green screen, sound proof walls, a dolly, trusses for lighting, and a viewing window into our editing room.

Gordon Quinn (left) and Frank Fontana (right) on the set of the live tapping of the "Down and Dirty Show"

Gordon Quinn (left) and Frank Fontana (right) on the set of the "Down and Dirty Show"

The live reveal happened on Wednesday, May 30. Our studio audience was filled with students, teachers, families, and friends; plus Gordon Quinn, the Artistic Director and founding member of Kartemquin Films. This was an amazing experience for us and our students to be part of. The students were not only participants of the show through interviews and assisting, but they were involved with filming the live show as well.

Our students taking part in the action!

We can’t THANK the cast and crew of  the “Down and Dirty Show with Frank Fontana” enough! Because of their contribution, our students will have greater opportunities for their future video productions.

Click here to view the tapping of the show. The video starts at minute 13:30.

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