The Reasons Behind the IndieGoGo Campaign: Hear what a current Intern has to say.

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A current Hard Cover Intern shares her passion for CTVN and how the IndieGoGo Campaign will directly benefit not only her life but others in the future.

We had the opportunity to sit down with one of the current Hard Cover interns, Brittany Douglas, to discuss the impacts this campaign will provide the individuals who are involved with Hard Cover. And here’s what she had to say…….

Brittany Douglas

Question: What does being a Hard Cover Intern mean? What does it entail?

Brittany: To me being a Hard Cover Intern means all the hard work I put in my years as a Apprentice has actually paid off. That I worked so hard that I became rewarded with more responsibility.

Q: How did you get involved with CTVN?

B: I got involved with CTVN through ASM my freshman year of high school and I’m a senior now, I been an Intern since my junior year.
Q: Why was the IndieGoGo campaign created?

B: The IndieGoGo campaign was created to help raise money for what we hope to become our new and improved Hard Cover green room.

Q: How will this campaign improve Hard Cover?

B: It’s going to improve Hard Cover because it will give the teens a better learning experience on video production.

Q: Why is this campaign important to you?

B: The campaign is important to me because I want the kids to learn what I had a hard time learning with such a lack of equipment in a better and easier way. Believe me your contribution will be greatly appreciated.

Please join us in enhancing the future of Hard Cover! Check it out at IndieGoGo Hard Cover Campaign.

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