Take a closer look at the impact CTVN has on its students!

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Check out what Marlena Jordan-Childress, Teal Williams, and Torriano Johnson had to say about their time spent working with CTVN.

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Torriano Johnson

After sitting sitting down with Torriano Johnson we learned about the power of inspiration. He started working with ASM in the Summer of 2008 when he was informed of the incentive of being paid. Not long after he started the program, he found a mentor in his video instructor. Torriano’s instructor showed him not only the technical aspects of film, but shared a new outlook on many aspects of life. Torriano grew up around violence which he wanted to escape, therefore CTVN became his safe place. Through his hard work and dedication Torriano received 2nd Place for his documentary “Trauma”. Learn more about Torriano by clicking here to view his documentary “Trauma”. Torriano is now attending Depaul University for Computer Information Technology.


Marlena Jordan-Childress

Marlena Jordan-Childress

“When I was growing up it was my dream to be on TV, after working for CTVN it became my dream to be the face and hard work behind the media. CTVN opened my eyes to the stereotypical images in the media and the negative emotional and psychological effects these images have on youth every day. My time as a producer for Hard Cover taught me that my voice mattered and that if I wanted to see a change in the media that I would have to be that change. CTVN gave me not only the skill set, but also confidence in my abilities to positively impact media. I am currently a senior at the University of Minnesota double majoring in Advertising and Studies in Cinema and Media Culture. After graduating in May I plan to not only take what I’ve learned in college, but my also my experiences from CTVN into the professional world as I work to be the change I wish to see.”

Teal Williams

Teal Williams in action.

“My name is Teal Williams and I am 19 years old. I started at CTVN in February of 2008 as an apprentice and completed my final internship in August of 2010. CTVN has broken a lot of my old tendencies… Shyness being one and my ability to take on a leadership role as well as supplying me with a flexible set of skills. Before coming here I was the little kid who thought TV was magical despite watching hundreds of “Making of” features and specials. Being here has truly opened my eyes to all the hard work that goes into getting that final product on the TV screen. The skills and knowledge I’ve gained from CTVN have also assisted me in my current job field. I’m the Database Manager for Eazypower Corporation and one day my bosses and I were in a meeting and we were discussing a possible video shoot. Once they knew that I have done video work before, they had me at work filming a tour of our showroom and working on a series of “How to” videos pertaining to specific tools we offer. CTVN has been and always will be a great turning point for me and a major impact in my life. So many fun memories there and it has honestly become a second home to me.”

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