Help us breathe new life into Hard Cover with our IndieGoGo Campaign!

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Join us on Indie GoGo to help upgrade our Hard Cover production studio.

This picture is taken from our current Hard Cover Studio.

This week we are launching our first IndieGoGo campaign to upgrade our onsite Hard Cover news production studio. Indie GoGo is a crowdfunding site used to raise a little bit of money from a lot of people to fund innovative, creative projects. There will be access to this campaign for the next 8 weeks. Join us in reaching our goal of $2,500 that will allow us to install a green screen; plus we will be able to purchase a video mixer, compact light kit, microphones, cables, and pipes. This new and improved Hard Cover Studio will expand the students’ opportunities and talents by allowing them to fully execute their creative visions with up-to-date technology and resources. The new studio will also empower youth and apprentices to play an even greater role in participating in the media landscape, through expanded efficiency that allows them to turn out segments faster and more regularly.

As a THANK YOU for your support, we will be giving out DVDs, T-Shirts, and photos of our youth. You will also receive recognition on our Facebook page and YouTube Channels, and on our Hard Cover broadcasts.  To learn more about our campaign, head over to

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