Chicago Youth and the Fight for Women’s Rights

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The Women's March at Grant Park, Chicago (Photo Credit: ABC 7 Chicago)

The Women’s March at Grant Park, Chicago

by Lauren Johnson

Without a doubt, Feminism and Women’s rights have been a hot topic for discussion after the 2016 election. Community TV Network has prided ourselves in being a media outlet for the community to voice their opinion. Back in 2012, CTVN created a production called “Feminism— A Misunderstood Term,” featuring Chicagoans and CTVN students’ responses on how they see Feminism.

On January 21st, 2017, Women’s Marches took place all over the globe from Chicago to Paris and even Antartica to continue in the fight for women’s rights. This was one of the largest demonstrations in history and a historic moment for Feminism and all equal rights movements.

These marches can be considered part of the third wave of Feminism, which started in the 1990’s. The first wave began in the 1840’s, which eventually led to women’s suffrage via the 19th Amendment in 1920. The second wave of Feminism was more targeted towards equal rights for all, especially minorities and this gave many other groups who didn’t have a voice a platform to voice their pleas for change.

In 2017, Feminism has morphed into a movement many men and women pride themselves on being apart of. Most modern Feminists pride themselves on advocating for the rights of anyone who is treated unfairly by the system, no matter their race, sexuality, or gender.

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