CTVN’s Studio Gets a Make-Over

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We have been given the amazing opportunity to receive a studio make over at CTVN by the folks at the Down and Dirty with Frank Fontana show!  

Frank Fontana, HGTV host, writer, and design extraordinaire shooting at CTVN

“Down and Dirty with Frank Fontana”, a DIY  home and work redux online television series, sponsored by Craftsman and Kenmore, is remodeling our studio! To make it ” a real grown up studio”, as Frank Fontana put it, the crew will soundproof the space, create a window into our editing bay, replace our old clunky wooden doors with fancy glass sliding doors, install a lighting track and add ultra-adaptable shelving.

A former CTVN instructor, Collin Seaman, works with Frank Fontana and the crew and introduced them to CTVN and their mission.  This awesome opportunity is taking our IndieGoGo Campaign to redo our studio to new heights!

Our IndieGoGo campaign has been going for two months raising funds to procure the equipment—the live HD mixer, the new lights, and microphones—-to make our studio current.   With your help, not only will we have a classy rehabbed studio courtesy of the Down and Dirty Frank Fontana crew, but the  technology  necessary to enable to students produce higher quality films and make youth media more accessible.

Join us for the live studio shoot of the show on Wednesday, May 30 at 6:15PM at The Craftmen Experience. RSVP and for more details check the facebook invite.

We have 5 days left before the completion of the IndieGoGo Campaign. Every donation we receive counts and makes a difference in our students’ lives. Now’s your chance. Check out the Campaign here.




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