CTVN Disproves the Myth of “Perfection”

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At Community TV Network we pride ourselves on our students’ ability to tackle any issue, be it a small neighborhood dispute or a national crisis. In the documentary “Perfection,” students tackled the very big issue of cultural standards of beauty and how it impacts women. Body image and cultural pressures on women will become a recurring theme in the following weeks, but “Perfection” does an amazing job of introducing an issue that is widely discussed and can be quite controversial these days.

Body positivity is a consistent issue for most people, but especially teens and pre-teens. While being encouraging to those around you is helpful, there are non-profits specifically dedicated to promoting healthy body image. The Body Positive promotes their eponymous idea through professional and youth workshops, youth leadership programs, and creating campus resources. Body Gossip uses art and education to empower youth, by going directly into schools and creating documentaries, celebrity-hosted videos, and performance art.

Supporting these organizations or CTVN actively improves the community and the lives of youth in those communities. When debating these issues online they may seem trivial, but non-profits like these have a profound and positive influence on kids’ lives.

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