CTVN Remembers Chicago’s Black History

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Dr. King at Robert Taylor Homes in 1965

Dr. King at Robert Taylor Homes in 1965, by WTTW Chicago

In the 1960’s, The Freedom Movement took Chicago by storm, and started a campaign for civil rights to also be noticed in the north. Dr. Martin Luther King and his family resided in Lawndale while he pushed for better housing in Chicago for African-Americans.

In the decades since, Community TV Network has filmed countless documentaries archiving Chicago Black history and the stories of the Black activists who pioneered the Chicago Freedom Movement. This is an excerpt from the documentary “Is This the Promised Land?” which was featured in a 2006 episode of Hard Cover. The film displays the steps that were taken to desegregate the city as well as the challenges faced by those who demanded change.

CTVN prides itself on being a place for students of all backgrounds to tell these stories, making their unique voices heard. We hope that by highlighting work created by Black students and about Black history, we honor the memory of Dr. King and demonstrate our pride in Chicago’s Black Communities.

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