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The students at Ada S. McKinley have started their own videos blogs. Their film instructor, Mel Gonzalez, gives us the scoop about these videos interviews.

“The blog spawned out of a flip camera assignment where kids would borrow a flip camera for a week and interview friends, family, neighbors, etc. about issues we were discussing in class. They could then use the flip camera for their own projects as well. They would then write about their experiences on the blog. These students don’t receive much homework at all from their other classes and I thought this would be a great way to introduce some low stakes and engaging homework for them. They came back with amazing interviews from all parts of the city and have all improved their interview techniques in general.”

This is a screen shot taken from Brittnee Spencer's interview video.

A few of the videos focus on violence, especially in their communities. Brittnee Spencer shared “from the interview (she) learned that a lot of the youth have thoughts and opinions about violence that needs to be brought to the public eye.” See and hear some of the responses she was given, and also learn about other issues her classmates have interviewed others on at

These students are continuing to add new stuff all the time! Keep checking back to hear more!!

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Miss Meeka · June 7, 2012 at 8:16 AM

Good job Brittnee

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