Weekend Shoot Forces CTVN Students to Adapt


by Lauren Johnson
This past weekend, Community TV Network filmed and photographed a large birthday party, giving students the chance to showcase the skills they’ve learned. They were supervised by instructor Vedran Residbegovic, who is an experienced videographer and responsible for much of the great footage CTVN has captured on its video services jobs.

Byonca Dodson and Elsa Concepcion worked as the camera crew to document the party. In addition to helping decide how and what to shoot, they had the difficult task of getting used to new equipment.

“When we started, I gave Byonca and Elsa some basic instructions, but the two of them soon took over completely. The footage was absolutely gorgeous, which speaks how good of a job Byonca and Elsa did.”


Residbegovic adds that they adapted well to the new camera, executed the job exceptionally, and he is proud of their success. Byonca and Elsa weren’t the only ones learning something though, as Residbegovic had to get used to his more supervisory role:

“One thing I learned is to be comfortable enough to walk away from the camera and trust our interns to do a good job with the video.”

If you’re interested in commissioning CTVN to film your special event, then check out our reel below and email info@ctvnetwork.org!

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