Academy of Scholastic Achievement

Academy of Scholastic Achievement is an alternative school at the border of the Austin and West Garfield Park neighborhoods, near Madison and Cicero (4651 W Madison). The school serves about one hundred ninety students. Founded by Gladys Simpson, still the principal today, over thirty years ago, ASA is now in it’s second location.
CTVN has been teaching video production at the school for three years. Instructor Jo Rinna-Ferrie started a school garden and an Exploring Chicago Club with the social studies teacher, Mr. Lupo. Videos from the school have been accepted at several festivals, including Do It Your Damn Self and Screen Test Student Fest.  Check out last year’s crowd favorite, Focus, about a group of students overcoming a range of different adversities, such as the death of a friend, alcoholism, peer pressure, and controlling partners to come back to school after dropping out.
To see ASA’s work, click here.


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