Jobless and Homeless: How Do We Nurture Our Youth?

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Aaron Bradshaw records the Youth Employment Hearing alongside reporters.

More than 100 employees, business owners, students, and members of the public gathered in a crowded room at the Chicago Urban League listening to young Chicagoans about a major problem plaguing the City of Chicago.

The issue on the table – lack of jobs for Chicago’s youth.

The annual Youth Employment Hearing quickly filled up, with some even forced to stand, as Teresea Cordova, director at the University of Illinois Great Cities Institute, presented a report on the youth unemployment issue, which she feels can be rectified through more jobs.

“Nothing stops a bullet like a job,” Cordova said. “Blaming young people for their plight does nothing to remedy their conditions, but jobs do.”


Theresa Cordova speaks to the packed room of almost 200 attendees.

Among the attendees were major political figures, such as Cook County Commissioner Jesus “Chuy” Garcia, Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle and U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill. who also spoke on the issue.

Community TV Network’s youth Aaron Bradshaw was at the hearing helping to document the countless stories told by Chicago’s youth, including one teen who told the crowd-filled room that he was not only jobless, but homeless.

Bradshaw joined CTVN five years ago and has grown into one of our finest young cameramen. This opportunity granted him with many different experiences, including film shoots all over the city.

For CTVN, this is what it’s always been all about! For more than 40 years now CTVN has been offering many of Chicago’s youth with the opportunity to do what they are passionate about, be it on-camera talent, creating videos, editing or creating music. They are supplied with the chance to not just learn about, but practice their passions. Here at CTVN we believe in our city’s youth and that is why we stand with #MoreJobsLessViolence to make a change.

Alternative Schools Network sponsored the annual hearing about youth unemployment. CTVN would like to extend a big “thanks” to all of the partners, co-sponsors and collaborators of this event that work directly with young people, providing mentorship and employment related opportunities. 

Check out the full “Youth Joblessness” report by clicking here. 

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