Hard Cover News: Teen Unemployment

CTVN’s After School Matters Apprentices talk to local businesses, youth and job coaches to learn more about how young people can overcome the growing challenges of getting a job in these tight economic times. Featuring advice from business owners from Uprise Skate-shop and Irazu Costa Rican Restaurant.  Be sure to follow and like Read more…

Dearborn Homes

This film explores the recent changes of dearborn housing on 29th and Wabash. Student at McKinley interviewed past and present residents, Chicago housing authority, and staff. Be sure to follow and like us!

South Side Story

2 brothers that choose different paths in life .The older brother chooses the streets but makes sure that his younger brother stays in school and becomes successful. Be sure to follow and like us!

My Hood: Logan Square

Nick and Brandon have lived in Logan Square their whole lives. While they understand there are some negitive issues, they feel a great sense of pride in their diverse and excting neighborhood. In this video, they examine how their neighborhood has changed and how it’s represented in the media. Be sure Read more…