CTVN Stands up for Animals Everywhere

Animal cruelty is a continuing issue that affects thousands of animals every year. Animal cruelty can consist of either physical abuse, emotional abuse, or negligence. Out of the 1,143 animal cruelty reports in 2011, 70.1% of the cases involved dogs, 20.9% involved cats, and 24.1% involved other animals. In 2011, Read more…

After the Bullet

After the Bullet, produced by Community TV Network and directed by youth filmmaker Brittany Douglas is one teen’s journey through grief and resilience as she tells the story of how losing her mother to gun violence has shaped her life for better or worse. After the Bullet is a tale Read more…

Job Talk 101

What makes a good job interview? In this fun comedy / instructional video, Prologue Early College students explore the ins and outs of successful job interviews. This video won “Best of the Festival” at Chicago Youth Community Film Festival 2012. Congratulations Prologue! Be sure to follow and like us!


ASA High School students feature their talents in this original song and music video from a weary but hopeful perspective. This music video is an exclusive production from youth working with Community TV Network. Be sure to follow and like us!