Imaging Peace Conference- April 26th-18th

    CTVN is proud to announce that we are partnering with The Imagining Peace Conference where we will be showing videos made by youth across the city exploring their idea of peace. See a sneak peak from CCA, Pedro Albizu Campos, Charles Houston High School and Lake View Academy here.  Read more…

Screenprinting at Gallery 37

Join students at John Houston Academy as they take a trip down to the Loop at After School Matter’s state-of-the-art Gallery 37, when teens from all over the city learn about screen printing, creativity, and technique. Be sure to follow and like us!

South Side Story

2 brothers that choose different paths in life .The older brother chooses the streets but makes sure that his younger brother stays in school and becomes successful. Be sure to follow and like us!

Street Warz

Street Warz: 2 groups of boys get into it and everyone thinks they are two gangs about to fight, when in all actuality they are 2 rival basketball teams who are going to play a game. (Don’t judge a book by it’s cover) Be sure to follow and like us!