From Generation to Generation

CCA students explore the issue of generational differences and the generation of their teachers and parents, while asking important questions about the legacy of the civil rights movement. the video also explores the history of Chicago’s neighborhood of north Lawndale, from the civil rights movement and the riots in the Read more…

Occupy Chicago

Hard Cover Executive Producers headed down to Occupy Chicago to ask protesters, ‘What’s this all about’ and ‘What are your solutions’? Be sure to follow and like us!

Hard Cover: Be Healthy Trailer

This week on Hard Cover— taking care of yourself to have a healthy body, healthy mind and healthy heart. Watch Hard Cover on Chicago’s CANTV 19 Mondays at 12:30 and Tuesdays at 5:30 Be sure to follow and like us!

Hard Cover: Day of the Dead

First episode in a series celebrating Hard Cover’s 25 year legacy of documenting the people’s history. This video re-releases “Day of the Dead”, produced in 1999, that tells the story, through the testimonials of youth, artist and Pilsen residents of this Mexican holiday and its roots in the community. Be Read more…

Voices Within Education

Current, real thoughts and issues within education. This video is a good example of a student response to the issue, in the form of a student giving a speech on education in Springfield, Illinois. Be sure to follow and like us!

And I’m Thinking

When a boy meets a girl and a spark or two flies, his imagination runs a little to far into the future. Influenced by stereotypes, his ignorance costs him a shot at a good relationship. Be sure to follow and like us!

Media Craze

This new comedy tells the story of two young women who follow the empty advice of a magazine article, all to get a boy’s attention. While they end up looking a fool, their friend avoids the same mistakes by listening to a different voice: her own. She’s an individual girl Read more…