My Hood: Logan Square

Nick and Brandon have lived in Logan Square their whole lives. While they understand there are some negitive issues, they feel a great sense of pride in their diverse and excting neighborhood. In this video, they examine how their neighborhood has changed and how it’s represented in the media. Be sure Read more…

Voices Within Education

current thoughts and issues within education. it’s a little long, but there are a variety of viewpoints and the interviews are well done. there is also a good example of student response to the issue, in the form of a student giving a speech on education in springfield. Be sure Read more…

And I’m Thinking

when a boy meets a girl and a spark or two flies, his imagination runs a little to far into the future and influenced by stereotypes cost him a shot at a good relationship Be sure to follow and like us!


a documentary examining animal abuse issues and advocating for better treatment of pets and other animals. Be sure to follow and like us!

Home Sweet Home

a documentary focusing on the lives of homeless kids and how they get through each day without a place to call their own. Be sure to follow and like us!

Bullying 101

Explaining the problems of teen bullying. This film talks to bullies and perpetrators of bullying, and explains the three main types of bullying. Be sure to follow and like us!

Alternative Hoops

In the vein of the classic documentary Hoop Dreams, this movie describes the role of basketball within the Sullivan House community, the players, the students and fans. Be sure to follow and like us!