Students Examine Modern-Day Slavery

By Asiah White, CTVN

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CTVN youth create multi-colored chains out of construction paper to demonstrate the existents of slavery in today’s society.

Community TV Network has been following issues of oppression for more than 40 years. In honor of Black History Month check out the “What is Freedom – Prologue;” short film from October, 2012 about freedom.

CTVN youth brings to light oppression among minorities in a short poetic prologue. Even more compelling the video showcases how discouraged today’s teens feel about the lack of freedom they feel even still.

Slavery was abolished in 1865, but the video embodies the meaning of modern day slavery.

In the video multi-color construction paper is made to symbolize chains.

“They used to do black slaves wrong, in the United States more than 12 million Africans were forced into slavery from 1619 until 1876,” said CTVN youth.

CTVN’s youth used this video as a public service announcement, helping to inform those uneducated.

A link shared within the video, Frederick Douglass Family Initiatives helps the audience learn more about taking action to build awareness.

Knowledge is power.

Be sure to check out the full video and all of our videos on our Youtube channel by clicking here.

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 6.43.25 PM
Students create a poetic prologue helping educate people about the real issues of modern day slavery.


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