Job Talk 101

What makes a good job interview? In this fun comedy / instructional video, Prologue Early College students explore the ins and outs of successful job interviews. This video won “Best of the Festival” at Chicago Youth Community Film Festival 2012. Congratulations Prologue! Be sure to follow and like us!

Life Isn’t A Game

This film is a window of the mind of a gamer. The meaning of this film is to show people that games and violence can look cool but sometimes is not always needed. This film shows that you could lose yourself if you get caught up in the game. Be Read more…

Sign of the Time

Sign of the Times is a PSA about how easy it is to spread STD’s, but how hard it can be to see the signs before its to late. The characters affected by it wear signs on their backs revealing the disease which leads to the line: “There aren’t always Read more…