Media Craze

This new comedy tells the story of two young women who follow the empty advice of a magazine article, all to get a boy’s attention. While they end up looking a fool, their friend avoids the same mistakes by listening to a different voice: her own. She’s an individual girl Read more…

U Think U Can Win

mark and a group of his friends are starting to develop a dangerous gambling habit, at the dismay of mark’s friends daisy and candy. while betting on a student fight in school, mark gets in trouble with the dean, which makes him understand how dangerous gambling really is. Be sure Read more…

Rock, Paper, Scissors

a fictional film about a girl who wishes she could be i three places at one time. she later realizes that everything would not be as she thought. Be sure to follow and like us!

Bad Decision

Students drink at a party and then drive home drunk. The first time, they make it okay. The next time, not so much. Good introduction of what leads to drinking and driving and why it’s a bad idea. Be sure to follow and like us!

My Dudes Meet Again

Two friends reunite after a long time. One likes basketball and the other likes soccer. When the basketball player doesn’t make his team, he joins the soccer team. Be sure to follow and like us!

Street Warz

Street Warz: 2 groups of boys get into it and everyone thinks they are two gangs about to fight, when in all actuality they are 2 rival basketball teams who are going to play a game. (Don’t judge a book by it’s cover) Be sure to follow and like us!