How to Be a Man wins Best Documentary award

Youth documentary wins award for commentary on sexism

We’re excited that CTVN’s documentary “How To Be a Man” won the Best Documentary Short award at Our Voices Film Festival in Vancouver, Canada! Congrats to the whole team involved in making #HowToBeaMan: Elsa Cristina Concepcion Jocelyn Hernandez #MarvinaJohnson #SeionBrown #ViHaden.  Special thanks to CTVN instructor Bill Sacco and film festival coordinator Jonathan Read more…

Summer Break

This youth produced short film is a coming of age story of a girl transitioning into high-school. Featuring Original Music by PIZ Be sure to follow and like us!

A Love Alike

A young couple whose stereotype bending partnership is threatened by their friends insistence on traditional expectations of gender roles. Be sure to follow and like us!


A group of students overcomes a range of different adversities, such as the death of a friend, alcoholism, peer pressure, and controlling partners to come back to school after dropping out. Good stuff. Be sure to follow and like us!

Rock, Paper, Scissors

A fictional film about a girl who wishes she could be in three places at one time but then realizes that everything would not be as she thought. Be sure to follow and like us!

South Side Story

2 brothers that choose different paths in life .The older brother chooses the streets but makes sure that his younger brother stays in school and becomes successful. Be sure to follow and like us!

And I’m Thinking

when a boy meets a girl and a spark or two flies, his imagination runs a little to far into the future and influenced by stereotypes cost him a shot at a good relationship Be sure to follow and like us!