U Think U Can Win

mark and a group of his friends are starting to develop a dangerous gambling habit, at the dismay of mark’s friends daisy and candy. while betting on a student fight in school, mark gets in trouble with the dean, which makes him understand how dangerous gambling really is. Be sure Read more…

Night and Day

in this touching animated film created by teenage participants of the substance abuse intervention group at OMNI youth services in buffalo grove, youth reflect on the ways in which substance abuse has affected their lives and relationships. Be sure to follow and like us!


a documentary examining animal abuse issues and advocating for better treatment of pets and other animals. Be sure to follow and like us!

Never too late to turn back

a motivated highschool senior feels overwhelmed by her end of school workload. she recieves advice from her school counselor, her equally motivated friends, and kids in her class who would rather party than graduate. when she’s offered drugs to escape the pressure she feels at school, she must make the Read more…

Rock, Paper, Scissors

a fictional film about a girl who wishes she could be i three places at one time. she later realizes that everything would not be as she thought. Be sure to follow and like us!

Home Sweet Home

a documentary focusing on the lives of homeless kids and how they get through each day without a place to call their own. Be sure to follow and like us!

Hard Cover News: Going Green

This news edition explains the go green phenomenon and urges low income communities to join the movement and reap the benefits from a more environmental sound community. Be sure to follow and like us!